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2 Premium Backlink Tools Free

Everyone knows, backlinks are very useful and important for SEO. However, it always hard to or cost too much for backlinks building. Here we tell you 2 premium backlinks building tools which you can use it for free.

First one, Scheduled backlinks

The scheduled backlinking service allows you to create links quickly and easily for your URLs. You can easily download a full list of links created for each day through your control panel – so you can ping or do what you will with them.

For anyone who sign up and verify the email address can get 50 links per day for free, if you want any more it’s as simple as referring a friend or sending a PayPal payment.

Signup Scheduled backlinks Now.


Twitter Exploit - How to get THOUSANDS of people Following you

I thought I will share this KILLER Twitter Trick with my fellow. BlackHaters, this is SOO freaking simple but yet so powerful that without using any script you will get thousands of people following you day and night.

Getting Followers at Twitter can be pain in butt, you can use some tools to automate your work but it sucks, because not everyone will follow you back. But with this trick people will follow you, no need to beg or follow them..these people will find you and follow you.

Step by Step

Go To:

1. There you will find list of top 100 twitters with most followers, now you can move on and see other people as well but I stick to the top guns.

2. Select 10 people that you wanna target, or in other words 10 people that you want to follow "like I follow top 10 guys sometimes I go to lower down the list and find people with 20-30k followers so on and so fourth. For time being to get started just start with top 10.

3. Open 10 tabs and in each tab you must have each profile open, so tab 1= profile 1, tab 2 = profile 2, so on and so fourth so you have 10 tabs with 10 twitter profiles of top 10 twitter gamers.

Kamis, 03 Maret 2011

Backlink Booster 1.0

This little tool will loop trough 1.000's of links (115k+ to be exact), adding a backlink to your domain in most cases. This makes it a very handy Search Engine Optimization tool. Just click a button, sit back and relax. 

It should go without saying that this will take a long time to complete so it's one of those things you'll want to run over night or something.

download now

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